Only The
CD Cleaning Cloth
Cleans And Restores The Finish
It Polishes Like Magic!

Keep Your Data Safe.... Clean Your CDs

Will NOT Scratch...

No chemicals needed... 
Only water and most times you will not need water.

New easy-to-use 8 x 8 inch size. 
Ultra-fine Micro Fiber Cloth approved for fine microscope and laboratory equipment cleaning. 

Developed to solve special Clean Room needs.

You Will Say It's A Miracle Cloth!

The Ultimate CD Cleaner 
Chemical cleaners and soaps attract dust to your CD's and the fumes are bad for your disk driver (CD Reader). And some cleaning products will attack the surface. 

Do You Know Where Your CD Has Been?

You could be trading bacteria along with the information on the CD. In todays world we should clean any CD which comes in from an outside source. Imagine the bacteria hidden around the outer rim of a CD. A major health factor. 

Our Magic Micro Cloth removes not only visible dirt, but bacteria as well. Micro fibers in the cloth are woven together in a fashion that allows them to accumulate and absorb more particles of dirt and bacteria than any other fabric known! Hypo-allergenic.

Our CD Cleaning Cloth is great for cleaning fingerprints, smudges & smears off of CDs. Normal body oils and environmental substances can eat away the CD, this problem can be eliminated.

Microscopic enlargement of the ultra smooth CD Magic Micro Fiber Cloth surface.


    The Only CD Cleaner You Should Ever Use! 
    Chemicals Can Destroy Your CD Drive. 
    Magic Micro Lens Cloth Is Safe For Cleaning Both Sides Of Your Valuable CD's.
              Improves Performance.
              No Chemicals Needed. 
              Will Not Scratch The CD. 
              No Streaks.
              No Water Spots. 
    The Micro Fiber Cloth is NOT treated with any chemical cleaning agents. It is the Micro FiberR material that makes it work. 

On The Road?

Put a CD Cleaning Cloth in your glove compartment. A quick swipe will attract the soil and dust from the surface of the CD can extend the life of your equipment.

Protect Your Vinyl Records 

              The Record Collector's dream. 
              Use dry and it will leave your records lint and dust free. 
              Use it damp to safely remove trouble spots and spills.
Will not scratch the priceless surface of the old LP's.

A daily quick dusting of a CD will keep the disk in top-notch shape. 

A once a week cleaning will prevent many future problems with your data or music.

Most important, if you see a soiled or fingerprinted CD disk, stop, do not put it into your machine before cleaning. Fingerprint oil can increase the chance of scratching your CD and losing your data.

Our Micro Fiber Cloths will not scratch but a grain of dust could cause a scratch. 

Important CD Cleaning Warning...
Clean In A Straight Line From The Center Out.

Because the disk is written in a spiral track, drives are particularly sensitive to scratches that follow the curve of the disk. For this reason, always wipe in a straight line, from the center of the disk out, in radial fashion. That way, any inadvertent scratches or residue will be perpendicular to the track, causing minimum interference. 

If the CD surface should become stained or contaminated, gently wipe it off with a soft, dry Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth.

Badly soiled CDs can be quickly restored by using a damp Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth. 

Water should be all you ever need to add to tackle all but the most difficult problem. 

As a last resort, clean your damaged CD with Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth with ethyl alcohol. 

Do NOT use benzene thinner, anti-static agents or conventional LP record cleaners on your CD.

How To Wash Your Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth.

Wash your Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth in hot water, wring out, use damp or line dry and it's ready to go again. 

For heavily soiled Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth add a little dishwashing soap. Use half as much soap as you normally would. Rinse thoroughly, wring out and drip dry. 

Can Last Up To 600 Washings.
Wash as per the above instructions and you can expect up to 600 washings and still have an effective CD cleaning cloth.

May be machine washed on permanent press setting. Use half as much soap. Do not wash with towels or any other lint baring cloth. Your CD cloth will absorb all the lint and not have the cleaning power until the cloth is washed again.

When washing the cloth use:
NO Bleach.
NO Fabric Softener.
NO Dryer Sheets.

Suede Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth
Desk Size
8 x 8 inch 
$6.95 $4.95 plus shipping 

SuedeMagic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth
Desk Size
Set Of Three (3) Cloths
8 x 8 Inches 
$20.85 $11.95 plus shipping<>


Suede Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth
Desk Size
Office Package Twenty-Five (25) Cloths 
8 x 8 Inches 
$173.75 $87.50 plus shipping


Suede Magic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth 
Industrial Size
One (1) 16 x 16 Inches 
$11.95 $8.95 plus shipping 

SuedeMagic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth
Industrial Size
Three (3) 16 x 16 Inches 
$36.85 $21.95 plus shipping

SuedeMagic Micro CD Cleaning Cloth
Industrial Size
Industrial Pack Twenty-Five (25) 16 x 16 Inches 
$298.75 $150.00 plus shipping


Special All Purpose 

Combo Package
One Terry Magic Micro Cloth
16 x 16 inches
One Terry Magic Micro Cloth 
13 x 13 inches
One Suede Magic Micro Cloth 
For Glass 16 x 16 inches
One Suede Lens And CD Cleaning Magic Micro Cloth 8 x 8 inches
Regular Price... $37.80
All Purpose Package Price 
plus shipping

Special Beauty And 
Bath Combo Package
One Beauty Magic Micro Cloth
16 x 16 inches
One Beauty Magic Micro Cloth 
Purse Size 8 x 8 inches
One Magic Micro Hair Turban
Micro Fiber Terry
One Magic Micro Bath Towel
Micro Fiber Terry 18 x 36 inches
Regular Price... $66.80
Beauty Package Price 
plus shipping

Easy To Carry In Your Brief Case,

Travel Bag, Glove Compartment,  Purse, etc.

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The Original Miracle Cloth Since 1970.

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